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John: Is that a sensible thing to do? Yes!

New………….to reveal the beauties, so numerous and diverse, of John Abercrombie’s compositions when one is a pianist:   Is that a sensible thing to do?  Yes, it’s a really good idea.  Especially if the pianist is a longtime companion of the late guitarist, and no small wonder, he puts his whole heart into it.

In 2003, Marc Copland invited John Abercrombie to “Marc Copland And….” (Hatology).  In 2011, they recorded in duo, on “Speak to Me” (Pirouet). Copland also left his delicate imprint on two opuses on ECM, with the guitarist’s last quartet, “39 Steps” and “Up and Coming.”  The pianist has included three of those themes–Flip Side, Sunday School, and Vertigo—for this solo piano homage, recorded by that magician of sound,  Gerard de Haro.  Copland, who is aware of the richness of the discography of this native of Port Chester, NY,   looks first at “Timeless,” whose theme he adapts with the necessary reverence and invention; and later he turns his gaze on the no less sublime “Getting There,”  re-interpreting Remember Hymn, which surges with an emotion capable of taking one’s breath away,  of bringing tears to one’s eyes–what a great and beautiful challenge to interpret as a soliloquy this memorable piece, which was rendered originally by the saxophone of Michael Brecker and the guitar-synthesizer arrangements of Abercombie.  Another beautiful idea:  to re-interpret two themes recorded by Abercrombie in duo with Ralph Towner, including Isla (“Five Years Later,” ECM, 1982),  another high point of this disk.  If by any chance you have not yet seen Arno Oehri and Oliver Primus’ outstanding documentary devoted to John Abercrombie, Open Land, do not wait, take advantage of the second confinement to follow in the footsteps of this poet of the six strings, whose legacy is magnified by a pianist possessing a gift, of moving us with albums that are always different and surprising. We would be remiss if we did not also mention the producer of this aptly titled  “John,” Philippe Ghielmetti.

Mar 1 2021

Pianista di arte sopraffina – Intervista a Marc Copland

A 72 anni, quando potrebbe anche essere lecito aspettarsi un certo rallentamento creativo, Marc Copland pianista di arte sopraffina, ha dato una robusta sferzata alla sua carriera grazie a un album in solo dedicato al suo compianto amico John Abercrombie (e non mancate l'omaggio precedente a Gary Peacock, altro gigante ...
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Jan 28 2021

John – Piano Solo

Eine Farbfotografie des Gitarristen John Abercrombie ziert den Innenteil des Digipacks von „John“, dem Soloalbum des Pianisten Marc Copland, der – bescheiden zurücktretend – mit einem von scharfen Kontrasten geprägten, fast dämonisch anmutenden Schwarz-Weiß-Foto abgebildet ist. Jahrelang spielten sie zusammen, immer wieder, von 1971 als Mitglieder des Chico Hamilton Quartet ...
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Jan 26 2021

Downbeat: JOHN (Marc Copland)

Pianist Marc Copland—who played saxophone during the early ’70s alongside guitarist John Abercrombie in a fusion act simply called Friends—summons a solo tribute album aimed at his late friend. Copland and Abercrombie gigged and recorded together in a variety of settings during the subsequent decades, and the pianist finds alluring, ...
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Jan 26 2021

John: 4 ½ STARS

“A GENIUS….so alluring….completely lacking in pretense.” Pianist Marc Copland crossed paths with guitarist John Abercrombie in the early '70s, playing in drummer Chico Hamilton's group. Copland was, at the time, a saxophonist. The collaboration there began a fifty year friendship and multiple Abercrombie/Copland collaborations . Abercrombie passed away in 2017. John is Copland's eulogy for ...
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Nov 15 2020

JOHN – new release Marc Copland solo piano

CLICK HERE TO BUY CD Over his long career, pianist Marc Copland has become known as a unique stylist, a harmonic innovator, and a gifted improviser with a unique sense of touch. Much of his recorded output over the decades has been in duos, trios, and quartets. Yet from his ...
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Oct 14 2020


One possible sunny jazz underside to the COVID-19 pandemic could be enhanced artistic control, in an era where self-produced recordings were already becoming prevalent. Taking advantage of a lengthy enforced break from touring, the all-star quintet of veteran saxophonist David Liebman, trumpeter Randy Brecker, pianist Marc Copland, bassist Drew Gress, ...
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