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Piano: The Environment External & Internal

Since his recording debut in 2006 with reed master Dave Liebman (“Vienna Dialogues“), pianist and composer Bobby Avey has built quite an impressive resumé.  He won the Thelonious Monk Composition in 2011, just months after releasing his first CD as a leader. Also in 2011, he won a grant from Chamber Music America to travel to Haiti to research and record a Vodou Ceremony.  The upshot of that journey was the brilliant collection of pieces that make up the 2014 Whirlwind Recording “Authority Melts From Me.”  He’s also recorded a set of solo pieces recorded after “Authority..” but released before it on a CD titled “Be Not So Long to Speak.” Avey now tours with Liebman’s Expansions band and subs for Matt Mitchell in Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Bird Calls.

Inhuman Wilderness” is his new album.  Issued on pianist Marc Copland’s InnerVoiceJazz label, the 8 tracks, composed by Avey, is  his creative reaction to how man treats his fellow man as well as how man ignores environmental warnings.  Whereas he does not use the album jacket or his website to voice his feelings, it comes out in the powerful music on the CD.  Featuring his long-time rhythm section of Thomson Kneeland (bass) and Jordan Perlson (drums) plus John O’Gallagher (alto saxophone on four tracks), there is such an urgency in this material that it can not be ignored.  Perlson’s chattering drums leads off the first cut “Countless Voices of Unknown People” – the music takes a while to build but then the “alarming” sounds of the piano using about the hip hop beat take over, circular phrases repeated over and over, that the listener is on edge.

O’Gallagher join the fray for “Fall Not a Tear“, his insistent alto sax rising high above the powerful rhythms created by the trio.  Their shifting rhythms also have a nervous quality that dissipate in the middle of the piece as the music gets introspective before Avey joins in an interaction with Kneeland and then Perlson.  The roiling left hand and rampaging drums that open “Land Theft“give way to the bowed bass, splashy high hat and ominous low note and then to the powerful attack of Perlson; it’s all done in 102 seconds but not before stunning the listener.

The solo piano track, “Rent The Sky“, is a dissonant ballad that starts quietly, much like a storm building on a muggy summer afternoon.  Soon, the tolling chords begin to pierce the speakers, the rumbling bass notes creating a thunder-like foundation.  The storm rolls through quickly, the music slows and fades to silence which, dramatically, lasts for nearly 20 seconds.

It is hard not to highlight each track on “Inhuman Wilderness” as each one carries such strength. Even the title cut, an extremely quiet excursion for quartet, has power as if one was walking late at night after a tornado has laid waste to his neighborhood.  Does the pianist/composer have hope for the world?   The music of the final track, “Composure Must Be Rare“, is soft nearly all the way through before rising to a powerful peak, only to drop down to cymbal sounding over a piano note. The ominous chords have disappeared, the saxophone is less strident and we land, gently, far from the discontent of the opening track.  Dramatic music for a dramatic time, challenging the listener to take action – how impressive. Bobby Avey has been an impressive musician since his first recordings and he is quickly maturing into a major force on the contemporary music stage.

For more information, go to  The CD will be released on June 24 2016.

Mar 1 2021

Pianista di arte sopraffina – Intervista a Marc Copland

A 72 anni, quando potrebbe anche essere lecito aspettarsi un certo rallentamento creativo, Marc Copland pianista di arte sopraffina, ha dato una robusta sferzata alla sua carriera grazie a un album in solo dedicato al suo compianto amico John Abercrombie (e non mancate l'omaggio precedente a Gary Peacock, altro gigante ...
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Jan 28 2021

John – Piano Solo

Eine Farbfotografie des Gitarristen John Abercrombie ziert den Innenteil des Digipacks von „John“, dem Soloalbum des Pianisten Marc Copland, der – bescheiden zurücktretend – mit einem von scharfen Kontrasten geprägten, fast dämonisch anmutenden Schwarz-Weiß-Foto abgebildet ist. Jahrelang spielten sie zusammen, immer wieder, von 1971 als Mitglieder des Chico Hamilton Quartet ...
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Jan 26 2021

Downbeat: JOHN (Marc Copland)

Pianist Marc Copland—who played saxophone during the early ’70s alongside guitarist John Abercrombie in a fusion act simply called Friends—summons a solo tribute album aimed at his late friend. Copland and Abercrombie gigged and recorded together in a variety of settings during the subsequent decades, and the pianist finds alluring, ...
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Jan 26 2021

John: 4 ½ STARS

“A GENIUS….so alluring….completely lacking in pretense.” Pianist Marc Copland crossed paths with guitarist John Abercrombie in the early '70s, playing in drummer Chico Hamilton's group. Copland was, at the time, a saxophonist. The collaboration there began a fifty year friendship and multiple Abercrombie/Copland collaborations . Abercrombie passed away in 2017. John is Copland's eulogy for ...
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Jan 26 2021

John: Is that a sensible thing to do? Yes!

New………….to reveal the beauties, so numerous and diverse, of John Abercrombie’s compositions when one is a pianist:   Is that a sensible thing to do?  Yes, it’s a really good idea.  Especially if the pianist is a longtime companion of the late guitarist, and no small wonder, he puts his whole ...
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Nov 15 2020

JOHN – new release Marc Copland solo piano

CLICK HERE TO BUY CD Over his long career, pianist Marc Copland has become known as a unique stylist, a harmonic innovator, and a gifted improviser with a unique sense of touch. Much of his recorded output over the decades has been in duos, trios, and quartets. Yet from his ...
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