Quintet Cover


Liebman, Brecker, Copland feat. Gress and Baron



“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” —Satchel Paige

The five members of this all-star group need no introduction. There are two unusual things to note here: one, they don’t play like your average all-star band. Here is a cohesive unit that wants to play together, and that knows how to do that while simultaneously leaving room for the individual talents of each member to shine. Two, while hardly youngsters, these cats aren’t sleepwalking; they are all still developing and building their craft. The result is music steeped in tradition, but not shy about taking chances. The opening track, “Mystery Song,” is a perfect example; it’s a 2020 rendition of a tune originally recorded in 1931 by its composer, Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington.