Marc Copland Quartet



As the pandemic winds down and music re-emerges in 2022, Marc Copland has released his first quartet CD in several years, featuring some of the finest talents on the New York scene. Copland feels that this is one of his best recordings ever, and after listening, we can see why!

P & C 2022 innerVoice Jazz
Recorded January 11 & 12, 2022 by Katsu Naito

The Samurai Hotel, NYC
Mixed and mastered August, 2022 by Katsu Naito
Ears:  Flin van Hemmen
Produced by Marc Copland and Robin Verheyen

Poem:  Bill Zavatsky
Advice, wisdom, and cover photo:  Bettina Rossi
Band photo:  Flin van Hemmen
Graphic design:  Ziel / Elmar Zillgen