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Yves Dorison / cultureJazz


This quintet isn’t one that requires one to introduce the musicians; the names that make up
this band speak for themselves. An all-star aggregation, these five have at least two centuries
of experience between them. The risk with this type of group is that big egos grasping for the
spotlight will cancel each other out, leaving a bitter aftertaste, that of a missed opportunity. It
becomes readily apparent that in this case, one is in the presence of gentlemen who have
nothing further to prove—and that changes everything. In their jazz these teammates, always
ready to push the limits, place themselves in the service of the music that they create. What
they want oozes out of every pore, their intent quite real. Their enthusiasm is a pleasure to
hear, and their youthful spirit easily reminds one of many thirty-somethings in the jazz industry.
By turn musicians, composers, and bandleaders, they bring to their new musical edifice the
stuff to construct a luxurious jazz palace. From start to finish they bathe the listener in
excellence and elegance, and it’s not hard to imagine that they could continue this adventure as
long as they have things to say. Their jazz is more than simply alive: it vibrates with
creativity, ingenuity and musicality. And for us, this seems very much like a landmark

Nov 15 2020

JOHN – new release Marc Copland solo piano

CLICK HERE TO BUY CD Over his long career, pianist Marc Copland has become known as a unique stylist, a harmonic innovator, and a gifted improviser with a unique sense of touch. Much of his recorded output over the decades has been in duos, trios, and quartets. Yet from his ...
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Oct 14 2020


One possible sunny jazz underside to the COVID-19 pandemic could be enhanced artistic control, in an era where self-produced recordings were already becoming prevalent. Taking advantage of a lengthy enforced break from touring, the all-star quintet of veteran saxophonist David Liebman, trumpeter Randy Brecker, pianist Marc Copland, bassist Drew Gress, ...
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Sep 18 2020

QUINT5T – New Release September 18th 2020 – Liebman/Brecker/Copland feat. Drew Gress and Joey Baron

“How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?” ---Satchel Paige The five members of this all-star group need no introduction. There are two unusual things to note here: one, they don't play like your average all-star band. Here is a cohesive unit that wants to ...
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Feb 9 2020

And I Love Her

Aufgeräumt wirkt sein Spiel einesteils, zugleich ist er gut für eine bestechende lyrische Qualität. Am Ende, in der Zugabe, spielt der US-amerikanische Pianist Marc Copland mit seinem Trio eine ziemlich melodieverliebte Version der Beatles-Nummer „And I Love Her“; das ist auch die Titelnummer des neuen Albums. In seiner melancholischen Leichtigkeit ...
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Feb 8 2020

And I Love Her – Marc Copland Trio

Der Mann, der da im Birdland am Bösendorfer-Flügel sitzt, ist in höchstem Maße konzentriert. Wie angespannt er ist, kann man an seiner Haltung und an seinem Gesichtsausdruck ablesen. Alle im nahezu ausverkauften Saal halten den Atem an, kein Räuspern, kein Stühlerücken ist zu hören. Denn wenn Marc Copland auftritt, ist alles ...
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Feb 8 2020

And I Love Her – Marc Copland Trio

Das Beste kommt zum Schluss, und es klingt wie eine wohlbekannte Melodie aus weiter Ferne, die sich hinter zehn dicken Wänden enthebt. Es ist ein Suchen, ein Trudeln im Sog einzelner Töne, die jeder schon einmal irgendwo gehört hat, aber auf Anhieb nicht genau zu verorten weiß. Ein Bündel scheinbar ...
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